Better attributes info in SmarterPlaylists

I made a little update to SmarterPlaylists today to give you more info about the different attributes you can use to sort and filter your playlists.  For instance, if you are adding a Range Filter to filter your playlists based upon a particular attribute, you will get a detailed description of the parameter you are filtering by along with info on the valid range of values for the attribute. Here’s an example:

2016-02-13 at 9.14 AM

I’ve also pushed out some stability updates to the backend server so programs that mysteriously failed to run in the past, will likely start working now.  The slow and steady march to a Version 1.0 release is continuing.   I’ve been getting lots of requests for new features. Currently on the top of the ‘new features’ to do list are:

  • filtering playlist based on the date/time when tracks were added (i.e. get the 10 oldest tracks in the playlist, or get all the tracks that were added in the last 10 days)
  • filtering by genre (i.e. get all of the tracks from my discovery weekly that are heavy metal)

If you have more suggestions, let me know with a comment or tweet at me at @plamere.



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