Music Hackday Boston t-shirt design challenge winner!

We received a dozen or so entries in the 24 hour challenge to design a t-shirt for next week’s Music Hack Day Boston.  There were some really fantastic submissions. We’ve chosen a winning design:

The design was created by  Jocelyn Petko, a designer from Alburtis, PA. Jocelyn specializes in print, illustration and packaging.   Jocelyn’s design life started as a sandwich artist:

If I learned anything from my humble beginnings as a sandwich artist, it is that to craft a successful sandwich, you need the proper ingredients. One can say the same for a successful designer. You start with a dash of talent and skill. You add a dollop of creativity and imagination. Top it off with a generous portion of persistency, with a side of bacon, and you’ve got yourself one delicious designer.

Jocelyn in one of her quieter moments

Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge.  All the designs really were fantastic.



  1. #1 by Lawrie on October 8, 2010 - 6:11 am

    That’s a great logo! Good work Jocelyn.

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