The single greatest Echo Nest App ever

[tweetmeme source= ‘plamere’ only_single=false] Scotty Vercoe just released an application that Echo Nest Founder Brian Whitman says  (and I quote) –  “is the best EN app ever”.   Scotty describes the web app:

The Filth-O-Meter is inspired by George Carlin’s famous seven dirty words you can’t say on television. The seven words were grown using NLTK/WordNet synonym-sets until they’re as tall as an elephant’s eye and then harvested in all their filthy glory. The resulting dirty words are used to score and rank the artists.

That’s right – it looks at the top hotttest artists and finds the ones with the dirtiest names.  You can see why Brian is so excited.  I expect to see Scotty on Ellen tomorrow showing off this app.   Check it out:    The Echo Nest Filth-O-Meter


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