The most music tech ever squeezed into 1 weekend

Workshops! The core activity for the music hack day weekend is hacking.  But before we dive into the hard core hacking the weekend starts with a set of music tech workshops where hackers can learn about the latest in music technologies – it’s a way for the hacker to add more tools to their toolbox.   On Saturday morning we will be conducting  around 25 workshops running in 5 sessions of 5 parallel tracks.  Anyone interested in the music+technology space will likely find something interesting – music recommendation, concert/event data,  music meta-data, iPhone programming, electronic instrument construction,  Playdar, NPR – everything from how to author a song for the Rock Band Network to the Yahoo! query language.   If you are going to the Hack Day, you may want to do a little bit of planning to help you decide which of the workshops you’ll want to attend, so check out the workshop schedule.

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