ISMIR – MIREX Panel Discussion

Stephen Downie presents the MIREX session

Statistics for 2009:

  • 26 tasks
  • 138 participants
  • 289 evaluation runs

Results are now published:

This year, new datasets:

  • Mazurkas
  • MIR 1K
  • Back Chorales
  • Chord and Segmentation datasets
  • Mood dataset
  • Tag-a-Tune

Evalutron 6K – Human evaluations – this year, 50 graders / 7500 possible grading events.

What’s Next?

Issues about MIREX

  • Rein in the parameter explosion
  • Not rigorously tested algorithms
  • Hard-coded parameters, path-separators, etc
  • Poorly specified data inputs/outputs
  • Dynamically linked libraries
  • Windows submissions
  • Pre-compiled Matlab/MEX Submissions
  • The ‘graduation’ problem – Andreas and Cameron will be gone in summer.

Long discussion with people opining about tests, data.  Ben Fields had a particularly good point about trying to make MIREX  better reflect real systems that draw upon web resources.



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