Live from ISMIR

This week I’m attending ISMIR – the 10th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference  being held in Kobe Japan.  At this conference researchers gather to advance the state of the art in music information retrieval.  It is a varied bunch  including librarians, musicologists,  experts in signal processing, machine learning, text IR, visualization, HCI.  I’ll be trying to blog the various talks and poster sessions throughout the conference, (but at some point the jetlag will kick in – making it hard for me to think,  let alone type.  It’s 9AM – the keynote is starting …

Opening Remarks

Masataka and Ich give the opening remarks. First some stats:

  • 286 attendees from 28 countries
  • 212 submissions fro 29 countries
  • 123 papers (58%) accepted
  • 214 reviewers





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