Yet another twitter music app – is an app that lets you post songs on twitter.  Here’s what you do:

  • Go to
  • Search for a song that you want to tweet.  The catalog seems pretty big, so you’ll find most popular songs, and many unpopular ones – for instance, I had no problems finding a track by Winter Gloves, an Indie band from Montreal.songly1
  • When you find the song click on ‘tweet’ – you are brought to your twitter page with your status filled in with a tiny url pointing to your song.
  • Add whatever words you want to your tweet – and hit updatesongly2
  • Anyone can listen to the song by clicking on your tweet songly3

The really neat thing about is that you don’t have to register or login to do any of this.  It just works.  There’s also a firefox plugin that lets you share a track with two clicks: right click a music file, select ‘ Share this song’ and your are done. also has an API that lets you shorten/expand Mp3 urls to the short form.

I like the low impact model of – I don’t have to register or login. If I want to tweet a song I just right click and go. Nice and easy.

Via The Echo Nest


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